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Braun Budget Resolution -- Motion to Proceed


Braun, R-Ind., motion to proceed to a fiscal 2023 budget resolution that would set annual budgetary levels for federal revenues, new budget authority, outlays, deficits and public debt for fiscal years 2023 through 2032, including to outline annual levels of new budget authority and outlays for each of the 20 major budget function categories. It would set budgetary levels to limit overall spending and gradually reduce the deficit. It would repeal provisions of the fiscal 2022 budget resolution (S Con Res 14) providing for fiscal 2022 budget reconciliation legislation in the Senate. It would make a number of adjustments to the budget process, including to establish 60-vote points of order against the consideration of any legislation making advanced appropriations or legislation that would increase outlays relative to the most recent Congressional Budget Office baseline unless the CBO certifies that inflation is below 3 percent, and to require cost estimates for major legislation to incorporate macroeconomic effects. It would include deficit-neutral reserve funds allowing the Senate Budget Committee to revise committee allocations and other budgetary levels for certain legislation that would not increase the deficit over either the four- or 10-year periods beginning in fiscal 2023, including legislation relating to promoting domestic energy production; prohibiting a ban on fracking; reducing fraud in government assistance programs; improving health care, including by repealing and replacing the 2010 health care overhaul; reducing prescription drug costs; social programs, including programs to address substance abuse, maternal health and child nutrition; implementing tax relief for family-owned businesses, farms and ranches; strengthening border security and immigration enforcement; and promoting economic "self-sufficiency," including through work requirements for welfare programs.

Vote Number: 
Senate Vote 265
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Motion rejected 34-63 : D 0-46; R 34-15; I 0-2